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The Kindest Mission

The Kindest School is a revolutionary way to educate in the 21st century. In September 2019, our first class will launch with students who are ready to use a new approach to learning at home, a style which we call “customizable education.” Online learning has changed how adults learn, and now The Kindest School looks to bring this learning shift to students of all ages. Learners around the world will have the opportunity to earn an education from an accredited virtual school.

The Kindest Model

Education is not a "one-size-fits-all" model. Each learner is unique, has their own personal interests and strengths. The Kindest School recognizes this, and we want to help our students flourish with a holistic approach to education that focuses on building a growth mindset, empathy, and a sense of service to their community. Our model of education takes government, it's unhealthy obsession with grades and standardized testing, and all their roadblocks for learning and replaces them with the people who care most about the individual child: their family. The Kindest School uses our AfterClass program throughout the school week, during normal school hours. However, we build 4 hours into each school week to focus on service and helping others.

Student Centered

Our educators will determine where each student would like to improve and use the Teachable Affiliate Program to recommend online classes to students to help them become better learners in areas of interest. Our learners will be given multiple recommendations on what they’d like to learn online, and from whom. Where as a traditional school would offer 20-30 electives, we are offering tens of thousands of choices. All of this learning will culminate, not in report cards, but in a learning portfolio that shows growth and service, along with data driven reading and math results, and live English lessons four times a week.

Growth Focused

The Kindest School focuses on the belief that, if you practice a growth mindset, empathize with others, and lend a helping hand in the community, you will be a far more productive member of our global society than the ones who can score higher on a standardized state test. Hence, there will be no grades given to our learners...only data shared between parent, educator, and learner. We will not have report cards, rather students will be able to show their academic achievement through their online learning portfolio, which is what higher education learning institutions are prioritizing over traditional report cards.

Zero-Tolerance Policy

Lastly, and probably most importantly, The Kindest School has a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy for bullying. If your child is being bullied by another member of the Kindest School, a screenshot of the incident is all we need to launch an investigation. If it found that a member of The Kindest School is bullying, they will immediately be removed from the program for a minimum of one year. After this time, they will need to apply for reinstatement. A second offense will lead to immediate expulsion. Bullying is an epidemic, not just in America,but around the world as well, and it will not be tolerated. Our mission is to give students a place to learn that is free of fear and full of kindness.

Approved and Accredited

I have shared these ideas with the academic accreditation agency, AdvancED, which helps to maintain the high academic standards of over 36,000 educational institutions worldwide. They have given me the green light to open my virtual doors in September of 2019.

For more information, contact teachkindness@kindestgeneration.com to receive an enrollment application for September 2019.

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