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  Parent-Teacher Partnership Promotion! $1/year per learner

Dear Parents and Teachers,

As an educator for over 18 years, both in the USA and internationally, I always enjoyed working alongside some incredible parents in a better effort to make education more enjoyable for the Kindest Generation.

Thank you for all the incredible work you do behind the scenes to create a more vibrant learning atmosphere at every school.

To show my gratitude to parents everywhere, I am offering all Parent-Teacher Partnership programs an opportunity to gain access to our Kindest Generation textbook for just $1/year per learner.

Every learner at your school will gain access to our multilingual, interactive textbook - Kindest Generation! They will be able to read and learn independently from any device, at any time... making screen time, learning time. (Plus, it's a great summer reading program for any school!)

For only $2/year per learner, there is also a chance to give every educator in your school our teacher editions, which allow for teachers to download, customize, and use our lessons in their classrooms at the click of a button. A great way to incorporate 21st century skills with social-emotional learning and ELA lessons. This is especially helpful if you have a English Language Learner population, which all schools have.

Please fill out the form below, and myself or a member of our development team will be in contact with you shortly!

Thank you for supporting The Kindest School!


Brian Tupper

Founder, The Kindest School

Author, Kindest Generation