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  Video and CV: About Brian Tupper - 21CL International Teacher of the Year Finalist

Thanks for your interest in The Kindest School.

One of the fundamentals of education is trust and safety. That is why I am open and transparent on everything. Please take a look at my CV, and my finalist submission video for International Teacher of the Year from 2014. (True Story: I started The Kindest School a week after submitting this video! It was called Core Four Teachers!)

If you have any questions for me at all, please feel free to contact me at

Brian Tupper CV.pdf

After making a presentation on Nearpod at the Just Learning conference on Jeju Island, South Korea, I was approached by a representative of 21CL and told to apply for their International School Teacher of the Year. With the blessing of my administration, I applied and was a finalist for the award.

This was the video that I submitted that showcased my work with my students and the community.