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"As a former student of Mr. Tupper, I’ve had the privilege to learn not only from his lessons following the school-designated curriculum, but also from his compassion and vision. He always highlighted the importance of random acts of kindness and encouraged us to be kind to each other. It’s been 6 years since I was in his class, but such a warm message that he had spread still lingers in my heart.

Perhaps that’s why I’m so excited to see his compassion and vision becoming an official curriculum through the Kindest Generation. As a part of the Kindest School Development Committee, I’ve seen and translated some of the school’s lesson materials. The lesson topics range from kindness and empathy to the stories of Malala Yousafzai and Martin Luther King, Jr.

These lessons incorporate education technology such as Nearpod and Quizlet to help students learn better, yet what impressed me the most was the lesson content. By learning about the stories of people who’ve dedicated their lives to improving the world, students can discover the significance of kindness, resilience, and the ability to dream for the world, not just for oneself.

It was evident that the Kindest School teaches skill more than facts, wisdom more than knowledge. I truly believe that these values will build a strong foundation for each and every student to thrive for the rest of their lives, contribution to the community to which they belong."

Daeun Jung, Harvard Book Winner - Korea

(Korea International School)